Tentative Events Schedule 2018

* Tournament price does not include dinner unless specified

Club Opening Tournament             Sunday, May 6                                                Contact: Dawn Lindstein (358-2305)         $5 entry fee; no prizes.


Women's Night                             Tuesdays--starts May 1                                    Women's Club Captain: Lynne Lalonde (358-2105)


Men's Night                                  Wednesdays--starts April 25                             Men's Club Captain:  Dave Welch (358-2456)


Senior's Morning Golf                    Mondays, 10am--starts May 7                           Contact: Bob Thomas (358-2835)


May Days Open                            Saturday, May 19                                            Contact: Dave Welch (358-2456) and Cal Hoffman (358-2857) 

Sponsors:  Reitmeier Logging Ltd and Silverton Building Supplies                                      Fee:  $30 (members)  $40 (non-members) 

Johnny Tier                                 Wed. June 6 (front 9), Wed. June 13 (back 9)    Contact: Dave Welch (358-2456)                  Fee: TBA


Pin Hicks Open                            Saturday, June 16                                            Contact: Cal Hoffman (358-2857)                 Fee: TBA        


Hits & Giggles Ladies Tournament  Saturday, June 23                                           Contact: Barb Renaud (403-277-5692);         Fee: TBA

                                                                                                                                   Marilyn Mengler (358-2677)


August Mixed Open                      Sunday, August 12    PENDING


Bushwhacker Couples                   Saturday, September 8                                     Contact: Lou Lalonde (358-2105)                 Fee: TBA             

Club Closing Tournament              Sunday, September 23     PENDING                

Dates may change--please check prior to the tournament date.

Call Pro Shop at 250-358-2408